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Our lab alumni, and where they went next.


Marc Ridyard

Lab Manager / Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD 1999, University of Alberta, Canada

mr652 [at] cam.ac.uk

Archana Yerra

Project Manager

PhD 2019, University of Utah, USA

a.yerra [at] gurdon.cam.ac.uk


Miguel V. Almeida

Marie Skłodowska Curie Actions Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD 2019, University of Mainz

I am interested in the evolution and epigenetic regulation of repetitive sequences

mdd34 [at] cam.ac.uk

Alexandra Dallaire

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD 2018, Université Laval, Québec, Canada

RNAi and epigenetics mechanisms underlying the relationship between mycorrhizal fungi and plants

ad984 [at] cam.ac.uk

David Jordan

Wellcome Trust Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD 2012, Rockefeller University, NY, USA

dj333 [at] cam.ac.uk

Melanie Heckwolf's Photograph
Melanie Heckwolf

DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow; joint with Prof. Oscar Puebla, ZMT Bremen, Germany.

PhD, 2019, Christian Albrechts University of Kiel, Germany

Evolution, adaptation, plasticity and the radiation of hamlet fishes

mh2118 [at] cam.ac.uk

Xiaodan Liu

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD 2019, University of Science and Technology of China

The functional research of RNA modification related to human diseases.

xl491 [at] cam.ac.uk


Harris (Charikleia) Papadopoulou

Researcher, Academic Clinical Lecturer University of Cambridge

MRCP Kings’ College London 2006, PhD, University of Cambridge 2015

epigenetic mechanisms of gene regulation under stress

cp461 [at] cam.ac.uk

Jon Price

Postdoctoral Fellow


PhD Bioinformatics 2018, University of Warwick, UK

Bioinformatician – Computational analysis of NGS datasets. RNA / DNA epigenetics. RNASeq, RiboSeq, DNASeq, BSSeq, CHiPSeq.

Chenming Zeng

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD 2021 USTC (University of Science and Technology of China)

Host-pathogen induced gene editing

cz385 [at] cam.ac.uk


Ben Fisher

Wellcome Trust PhD for Clinicians Fellow

MA MB BChir 2011 University of Cambridge

I am exploring intergenerational effects of endocrine insults

bgf20 [at] cam.ac.uk

Tsveta Kamenova

CRUK Cambridge Centre PhD Student

BA (Hons) Natural Sciences, University of Cambridge

I am interested in non-coding RNA function in lung cancer development.

tik21 [at] cam.ac.uk


Lisa Lampersberger

Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds PhD student

MSc 2018 University of Vienna

I am interested in Chromatin Biology especially the SWI/SNF complex and study C. elegans

ll564 [at] cam.ac.uk

Narendra Meena

PhD Student

M.Tech. 2012 University of Rajsthan

Developing Predictive Models for NGS datasets

nm667 [at] cam.ac.uk

Audrey Putman

Cambridge Trust Scholar PhD Student

BSc 2018 University of Virginia

I am interested in non-genetic inheritance and use cichlid fish to study the role of epigenetic processes in facilitating phenotypic plasticity and adaptation.


alkp2 [at] cam.ac.uk

Fu Xiang Quah

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute PhD Student (joint with Martin Hemberg)

MPhil in CompBio 2016, University of Cambridge

Algorithm development

contact [at] fxquah.com
Photography: www.fxquah.com

Juan Carlos
Juan Carlos Rueda Silva

PhD Student / Gates Cambridge Scholar

Bsc in Biotechnology Engineering 2020, Tecnologico de Monterrey

I am interested in small RNA-mediated gene silencing and its role on non-genetic inheritance, development and disease.

jcr77 AT cam.ac.uk

Ulrika Yuan

Cambridge Trust and Chinese Scholar Council PhD student (joint with Martin Hemberg)

MPhil in Genetics 2019 University of Cambridge

I am interested in the evolution and early development of Lake Malawi cichlids.

cy293 [at] cam.ac.uk